Alyssa presents a poster at the SFN Global Connectome

January 04, 2021

Alyssa will be presenting a digital poster on Monday, January 11 2021, 1:30-2:00pm. In the session: (P192) Architecture, Development, and Function of Visual Circuits, titled “Temporal contrast modulates burst activity in the lateral geniculate nucleus.” We hope you attend and please check out her work!


For more information on SFN's Global Connectome, click here

Thalamus Trainee Group Created!

December 15, 2020

In the spirit of staying connected scientifically and socially during COVID and beyond, Brielle Ferguson (Post-Doc at Stanford), Frances Cho (PhD candidate at UCSF), and Stacey Seidl (PhD candidate at UC Davis) have created a virtual community of junior scientists doing Thalamus research called the Thalamus Trainee Group. This group organizes/hosts informal virtual meetings that include talks from students and senior scientists, and discussions on current events and issues students are facing in this new area. 

Donating to UC Davis Health during COVID-19

March 27, 2020

The Center for Neuroscience and our lab were fortunate enough to donate vital medical equipment and supplies to UC Davis Health in its effort to combat the spread of COVID-19. We are humbled by the generosity of our many colleagues and friends who are making this possible!

More information on how to donate and what is needed, please visit here.

Usrey Neuroscience adopts a logo!

March 27, 2020

To help spread our research, create excitement towards brain research, and attract a diverse audience of people, we have been working with Kelly Bullock to help create a brand for our lab --- 'Usrey Neuroscience.' With this, we have adopted a lab logo, seen here. Enjoy!

Henry presents at the 2020 CVS symposium

January 13, 2020

Henry presents at the annual Center for Vision Sciences Symposium (CVS), titled: “The spatial organization of cortical feedback.” Flyer and schedule can be found here

UC Davis Neurolunch

December 03, 2019
The Usrey lab Neurolunch 

Marty: Visual system overview

Henry and Alyssa: Feedback projection and optogenetics

Stacey and Scottie: Neuropixels

Jeff: Brainmaps

Usrey Lab Attends SFN!

December 03, 2019

Come check out our lab's posters at SFN!


Oct 20 2019 8:00AM

140.06. Extraretinal contributions to thalamic filtering of retinal spike trains

Marty presents at the 2019 CVS Symposium

January 14, 2019

Apart of the Center for Vision Sciences Symposium, Marty gave an update on our labs current research titled “Feedforward and Feedback Circuit Interactions for Vision.”

For conference agenda see here